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Are you new to the Alexa? Do you want to download Alexa App? If you want, then Surely, you might be wondering how to carry out the whole Alexa Setup process. We all know that we can not set up our Alexa devices without installing Alexa App. Because Alexa App has its own importance in the Amazon Alexa Setup process. Today I am going to tell you about how to download Alexa app in the simplest and easiest way. Alexa works just like any smart Digital voice Assistant. It facilitates you and helps you in automating all smart home devices you have in your house. It automates the various kinds of tasks you perform regularly at your house and saves your time. For example, powering on and off the smart lights, doors, etc.

The main question which arises here is how we can actually download Alexa App and configure our Echo device to use it. Here are some basic steps which will give you an idea about how to download the Alexa app. You can follow all these steps carefully with accuracy for completing the Alexa App download.

How To Download Alexa App?

  1. Download Alexa AppTo Download Alexa app, You have to visit the application store on your cell phone. Type the Amazon Alexa application in the inquiry bar/search bar.
  2. The app store will begin to search for Alexa App after you tap on the enter button.
  3. The app store will show you the result for Alexa App within a couple of seconds along with its icon.
  4. Snap-on the “Install” button you see alongside the Alexa App icon.
  5. Now, The App store will start the Alexa App download process.
  6. When you are done with downloading Alexa App. Then you have to sign in to the Amazon Account with its username and Password.
  7. You can also create a new Amazon account if you don’t have any.
  8. Give the confirmation to Alexa App that it’s you by tapping on “it’s me” button below your name.
  9. At that point, Alexa App will ask you for permission. You allow or disallow them according to you.
  10. Visit the main menu on the left top of your Alexa App screen. Tap on Add device and follow all prompts you on your Alexa App screen to complete Alexa setup.
  11. Finally, You are done with the Alexa App download.

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Download Alexa App For Android

Android phone is one of the most common platforms to download Alexa App. If you don’t know how to download Alexa App for Android. Then, This blog is a piece of information that will help you in doing that. If you want to configure Alexa App for Android. Then, at first, we strongly recommend you to check the compatibility of your Android smartphone. Because if your Android is not compatible with the latest version of the Alexa App. Then, it might function unexpectedly on it. If you have any intention of download Alexa App for android. Then make sure your Android phone is running on a minimum of 6.0 or a greater version. Alexa App android version has a size of approximately 96-97 MB. It only requires you to have internet access on your android cell phone.

Alexa App For Android  

  1. Visit the Google app store from your Android cell phone device.
  2. Enter the Amazon Alexa in the find bar and discover it by tapping on the Enter button.
  3. Download Alexa App for AndroidAlexa App result will appear before you on your Android phone screen.
  4. Tap on the ” Install” option to start the proceedings of the Alexa App download.
  5. Perform the Alexa App login by filling down the amazon account’s username and password.
  6. Simply, Tap on the main menu displaying three horizontal lines on the left side of your Alexa App screen.
  7. Tap on the ” Add new device” option to start the process of adding your Echo device to the Alexa App. So that Alexa setup could be completed.
  8. It is mandatory for you to follow all instructions your Android phone’s Alexa app shows you on the screen.
  9. Finally, you are done with downloading Alexa App for android.

Whereas, most of the smartphones allow you to activate your Alexa device and App just by saying its wake word. It gives you the power in your hands so that you could add some other devices as well with Alexa App on android and automate all their functions. By adding your task’s related Alexa skills in your Alexa App. You will be able to automate thousands of your tasks. Most of the recently launched smart devices do have Alexa support inbuilt in them. So, you can connect these devices with your Echo and automate their functions with your voice.

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What is Amazon Alexa App? How To Use It?

Amazon Alexa app is the most important or significant aspect of any Echo device. Every task you perform on your Echo device completes by passing through the Amazon Alexa App. It is not only the Application that manages and controls the functions of an Echo device. But, We can say that Amazon Alexa App is the heart and brain of an Alexa Echo device. Your Echo cannot start or complete the majority of its tasks without the help of Amazon Alexa  Application. The most common places to download Alexa app are the Google play store, Apple app store, Microsoft store, etc. Alexa Application makes you able to proceed with thousands of tasks for example text messaging, voice calling, music streaming, video streaming, query response, shopping, and a lot more things.

It gives you the facility of adding other smart devices with it. So that it could control those devices along with their functions. You are free to connect smart speakers, smart switches, smart bulbs, etc. with your Amazon Alexa App. You will be required to visit the main menu of your Alexa App after launching it and tap on the Add device. There you can add smart devices you want to add with it just by tapping on its corresponding option. This application is fully dependent on the web network for proceeding its All kinds of tasks and functions. You can call text anybody. You will not need to pay a single penny for that.

When you sign in to your Alexa Application after you download Alexa App. It gives you an option on the menu from where you can add as many skills you want to add to your Alexa Application and Echo device. Skills store has the possession of approximately more than one lac Alexa skills. When you enable these skills. They complete your given tasks on time. Because these skills are designed and developed for that task. It will not demand from you to press the button to activate your Echo device. But, you can actually give it the tasks you want it to complete by just saying its wake word and activating it. Amazon Alexa App provides you a totally hands-free experience. Download Alexa App

If because of any problem you are not able to download Alexa App for Android or download Alexa App. Then, you can use the Amazon Alexa App alternate at this point. At this point, You can Access the Alexa web app from your computer or smartphone. basically. is called an Alexa web app. It is the official website of Amazon. This makes the Echo users able to set up their Echo devices without actually downloading the Amazon  Alexa App.

Accessing the Alexa web app is easy. Visit from your computer browser by entering down the same in the address bar of your web browser. Sign-in with the details of the account you have with Amazon. Visit the main menu of the Alexa web app and select the ” Setup a new device”. Go forward in the Echo setup process by doing what Alexa web app tells you to do. That is how you can Access Amazon Alexa App and set up your echo device.

If you will research the voice assistants available in the market. You will find several smart assistants which work just the same as an Amazon Alexa App. For example Microsoft Cortana, OK Google, Siri, etc. But, Alexa Application performs the functions a way better than any other smart voice assistant. You can download Alexa App from play store and get it working by connecting it with your Echo device. For example: If you want to stop any function your Alexa Echo is performing, Then simply say ” Stop to stop it. If you want to wake up your Alexa device. Then simply say ” Wake” to wake it up.

We advise you to give the uttermost priority to the location of your Echo device. That place should be an open place without any interference or signal blocking objects placed near your Echo. Always keep in mind to keep signal blocking objects such as wooden, solid objects away from your Echo device. We advise you to keep your Echo away from seven to eight inches away from the wall as brick or concrete wall also blocks the internet signals. Don’t compromise with the internet signals and connectivity while using an Echo. Because it carries out all its tasks with the help of wifi network.

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Features of Amazon Echo App?

Amazon Alexa App has thousands of features into it. Though we can’t show you all the features. We have given you some best features you get after you download Alexa App.

  • Music /video streaming Via streaming services.
  • Thousands of useful Amazon Alexa skills for carrying out a particular piece of work.
  • Automate the smart devices just with a voice command after connecting them with your Amazon Alexa app.
  • Features such as online shopping, food orders, cab booking, etc.
  • Add on features like calendars, reminders, alarm clock and many more.
  • Feature of calling and sending text messages without any cost.
  • Realtime access to the weather, traffic, news, live scores updates.
  • Get to know the information about anything you want to know.
  • Access to thousands of audiobooks.

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How to use Amazon Echo Application?

Alexa App featuresMost of the new Echo device users actually don’t know how to use their Amazon Alexa App. But, if you don’t know, don’t worry. We are here to help you. If you have gone through this article from the top. You might have got to know about it. But, if you don’t know, Then, we want you to know that you can say a ” Wake” activation word to activate your echo. That wake word makes your Echo device’s sound recorder ready to record your voice command.

When you place your voice command. The processor working inside your Echo device first interprets your voice command so that it could actually understand it. The processor understands your command and starts to find the related information all around the web. It serves you the best answers it gets after finding your search query on the internet. Amazon Alexa App completes this whole cycle of events in just a fraction of a second. It gives you the result within a minute.

Here is the list of Some useful and basic voice commands you can give to your Echo device.

  • “Alexa, How is the weather in California”?
  • “Alexa, Set me a reminder”.
  • Speak” Alexa read me a deviant book”.
  • “Alexa, Who is lionel, Messi?”
  • “Alexa, Give me the latest sports updates.”
  • Speak”Alexa set a timer of 15 minutes”.
  • Speak “Alexa, Turn off the kitchen lights.”
  • “Alexa, who is Hillary Clinton?”

If you want to learn about more voice command phrases. Then, you will be required to visit Amazon Alexa App’s voice training option in the Alexa App. You will only be able to proceed with all these things after you download Alexa App. Quickly go to your android phone’s Alexa app and make changes in its settings after you download Alexa App for android. When you are done with modifying the changes in the Alexa App settings. Then, you can give any voice command you want to give to your Amazon Alexa App. But don’t forget to download Alexa App before doing all that stuff.