Alexa App for PC

Windows Computers are the second most used platform to download Alexa App for PC after Android and iPhone devices. Alexa App manufacturers never had the windows version in their minds while designing Alexa App. They only had two main platforms Android smartphones and the iPhone. But When Alexa App and Echo Device got Popular in people. It gave rise to the demand for the Alexa App for Windows PC. That is why an Alexa App designed for Windows 10 users back in 2018-19. So that people could use it on their Windows computers as well. But Alexa App is only available for Windows 10 computers and PCs. Because The only platform from where you can download Alexa App for PC is Microsoft Store. Microsoft store is by default available on windows 10 computer’ taskbar.

Alexa App For PCWindows 10 computer is fully compatible with the Alexa app’s system requirements. Other windows computers such as windows 7 computers are not compatible with the Windows version of the Alexa App. If you want to use Alexa App for PC. Then you can download Alexa App for windows 10 via Microsoft store on your PC’s taskbar. If you don’t have any Alexa App compatible computer then you can do two things. First, You can download Alexa App on Android or Install Alexa App for iPhone smart mobile phones. Second, You can set up your Echo by visiting the website from your computer or laptop. Sign-in into y0ur Amazon Account to continue and complete the Echo Setup proceedings. Alexa App for PC needs efficient internet connectivity and an active Amazon account before starting the downloading procedure.

How To Download Alexa App for Windows 10?

For downloading Alexa App for windows 10. At that point, You will be required to visit the Microsoft Store from your Windows 10 PC. Now, look for the Alexa App windows. At that point, Start to download it when you get the Alexa application windows variant there. We advise you to create a Microsoft outlook account before downloading Alexa App for Windows PC. Presently, look down the screen to see the sequential rundown of steps to download the Alexa App for windows 10 PC. Be cautious and exact while playing out every single step.

  • Click on the Microsoft Store icon you see in the bottom bar of your Windows 10 PC and open it up.
  • Look for the Alexa App there in the find bar (search bar) of the Microsoft store by typing the “Alexa app” into it.
  • Click on the very first result Microsoft store gives you after finding for Alexa App for windows 10 PC.
  • Look at your computer’s screen and press the ” Install” button to start the Alexa App installation.
  • Click on the “Launch” option to open up the downloaded Alexa App on your Windows 10 computer.
  • Take out your already created Amazon account’s details for signing into the Echo App. Enter these details into their allied fields.
  • Click on the Sign-in button to open the Alexa App.
  • Alexa App for PCNow, This Alexa App will ask you to respond to the various kinds of prompts.
  • Go through the series of prompts and steps to complete the Alexa App windows version set up on your Windows 10 computer.
  • After completing and finishing with these prompts and instructions. Say Alexa’s wake word and give it a voice command.
  • Say, “Alexa, How are you ?”
  • If it responds to you. Then, It’s working and ready for the customization such as the addition of skills, and many other tasks.

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How To Download Alexa Application For Windows 7?

All of us know that Windows 7 PCs have become old dated computers in this generation of Windows 10 PCs. Amazon has not created any Alexa App for Windows 7 PCs. But, If you have an Amazon Echo device and want to install it and set it up. Then, you can absolutely do that via your Windows 7 PC. Don’t worry If windows 7 PCs are not compatible with the Alexa app. Because it does provides you the access to the Alexa web app so that you could set up your Amazon Echo devices via the Alexa web app. See and perform all your functions in accordance with the steps you get below to set up your Echo device via windows 7 PC.

  1. For Accessing the Alexa web App for Windows 7 PC.
  2. Click on your Chrome Browser to launch it up.
  3. Write in the URL bar of your chrome browser and search for it.
  4. Alexa web app login page will appear in your Windows 7 PC’s screen.
  5. Type in the Login name (Username) and security key (password) of your Amazon account you have on this page.
  6. “Setup New device” choice will appear before you when you go to the settings choice located in the main menu of your Alexa web app.
  7. Select the Echo device you have from the list of models.
  8. Obey all the prompts you get from the Alexa web app to fulfill your newly bought Echo device setup.
  9. Test your Echo device by giving it a voice command. If it gives back an answer to you then congratulation your Echo device is fully installed and configured.
  10. Add your favorite skills to increase your Echo app’s and device’s functionality.

Alexa App for PCBasically Alexa web app asks you to select the name of your Echo from the list of all Echo devices. For example, if you have an Echo dot. Then, Select the Echo dot. Echo will start to blink and circulate orange light in its light rings. The orange ring light is the message that your Echo dot is in setup mode. Therefore, you are required to link or connect your Echo with the Alexa web app first and with your home after that. Alexa web might give you some instructions after you are done with all these setup steps. Follow them correctly. So, All in all, that is the way you can get Alexa App for windows 7  PC.

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Alexa App For Windows 8.1 PC

If you have a computer or a laptop running on the Windows 8.1 operating system. Then, you will have to reach the Alexa web app from your web browser entering and search for it. Signing in with username and password will take you into the Alexa web app. Follow the same steps you have performed while setting up an Echo device via windows 7 PC. By doing so you will be able to access Alexa App for windows 8.1 PC.

In conclusion, We have concluded that Echo users can only download Alexa App for windows 10 PC. As Microsoft store provides Echo users the opportunity to Install Alexa App From their Windows 10 PC. But, if you don’t have any compatible computer. Then, you can configure your Echo via the web app. So, we recommend you to create your Amazon Account before starting the Alexa setup and downloading Alexa App for PC. Alexa App windows version is only available to download from the Microsoft store. Create an outlook account to simply download Alexa App for Windows PC.