What is Alexa setup?

Alexa setup refers to the process of setting up an Alexa Echo device. This process is considered as the most important thing for your newly bought Echo device. Because No Echo device could function or complete the given tasks without being set up and activated. That is why the Alexa setup is the most important aspect of the Echo device. When we talk about the Echo device setup. It is not as difficult it seems to us. This process contains a long series of short and simple steps that anyone can perform to setup their Echo.

Alexa SetupIt consists of connecting the Echo to the power, downloading Alexa App, Signing in to the Alexa App, connecting echo to both phone/computer and wireless network, Addition of skills, and many more. If you don’t know who Alexa really is? Then, we would like you to understand that you can call Alexa a smart voice assistant and works a bit like Cortana, Siri & Google. Users are required to download the Alexa App when they buy any new Echo device. Because Alexa App plays a major role in setting up your Echo device. Without Alexa App, you cannot setup your Echo device.

All echo devices have access to the Bluetooth & cloud facilities in order that the users could stream music and videos on their Echo from their phones also. Alexa/Echo App helps you in handling up the multiple smart devices that are connected with your Echo device. You can perform several types of tasks such as playing music, web searching, Using TV and AC remote, Streaming Live news, weather forecasting reports, Online shopping, To-do lists, alarm, reminders, and many more using your Echo device. You can also handle multiple smart devices that are connected with your Echo.

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How to set up Alexa?

Let’s just quickly look at the easy and short sequence of steps that will lead us to proceed and complete the Alexa setup or Echo setup it also shows how to setup Alexa.

  1. Install the Alexa app on your smartphone via the App store.
  2. Launch the Alexa App and you’ll be asked to sign in to it using your Amazon account. If you have an Amazon account then you can sign up. On the off chance that you are a new client, make a new Amazon account.
  3. Connect your Amazon Echo to the power.
  4. After a few seconds, you will see the ring light of your echo indicating the blue color for a minute or two.
  5. Wait for 30 seconds or a minute to see the Orange Light on your Echo if your Alexa Echo device is showing the orange light, then its good.
  6. Once this ring light turns yellowish to orange in color, Come back to the Alexa app.
  7. Search for the Add device choice in the main menu panel at the left of your Alexa App window.
  8. Choose the model, Language, etc. on your Alexa App and proceed forward.
  9. If your echo freezes on the blue ring light, Then, what you have to do is pressing the Action button of your Echo device for 8-15 seconds until you receive the orange light ring. Now, hit the proceed/continue button available on your Echo app.
  10. After that, Manually Connect Alexa to Wi-Fi by opening the Wi-Fi Settings on your phone. If you scroll down from Wi-Fi network connections, A new network connection will appear before us with the name Amazon-Vybz, where alphabets can also be any digit.
  11. Connect your Amazon Echo to the wireless network as well by choosing your wireless network and providing input to the password field.
  12. When you press the connection choice, then your Echo device will call out her first words before you as “Now, you are connected to the network.”
  13. At that time your Alexa setup is done. By giving simple voice commands to your Alexa device you can check either its functioning properly or not.

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How To Access Alexa Setup App Without The Phone?

Alexa SetupIf you don’t have any idea about what does Alexa Setup App means? Then, we want to inform you that the Alexa setup app refers to the Alexa web app. Alexa web app is available on Alexa.amazon.com. Alexa.amazon.com looks just like any web portal which was introduced by Amazon itself. So that users could set up their Echo even if they are unable to download Alexa App on their smartphones. This portal works just like the web version of the Alexa app. That is why people call it the Alexa web app. Let us show you how you can set up an Echo without having any smartphone by your side.

  1. Turn on any computer you have by your side and go-ahead to launch its web browser.
  2. When you see your browser now look at its address bar and write down Alexa.amazon.com there and search for it.
  3. Alexa App sign-in page will appear on your computer screen asking you for signing in with your Amazon account login details.
  4. After then, Turn on Amazon Echo Device by connecting it to electric power.
  5. The first blue ring light will appear confirming power connection and then orange light will circulate so that you could start the Alexa Setup. When orange light appears on Amazon Echo, Then, the Amazon Echo device greets you.
  6. All you have to do is to reach the Main menu and panel you see on the left of the Alexa.amazon.com window.
  7. Click on the choice ” Setup A new device”.
  8. It will ask you to select your Echo model, Language, etc.
  9. Follow the instructions which Alexa.Amazon.com gives you and connect your Alexa with your computer by opening its wifi settings and connect Alexa to wifi network too after getting your wifi network’s and writing down its correct password.
  10. Follow down some more instructions just to complete the Alexa Setup formalities.
  11. Now, Test your Alexa by waking it up using “Alexa” wake word and say “hi” to it.
  12. It will surely respond to you back if it’s working fine.
  13. You can make customizations in its settings and add skills to your Alexa web app for your echo device.

If you in any means don’t know how to set up Alexa Echo. Then, you should read out the two best ways mentioned above know about the full Alexa setup procedure. After completing the Echo Setup, go to the Alexa Setup App and tap on the skills store there. Choose the skills according to the functions you want to perform. The skills store always shows the user reviews and star rating for all skills it shows. We recommend users to add or enable skills after reading the user review and star ratings etc.

After completing Alexa Setup users can Automate the smart gadgets they have in their home just from their voice commands. They can place, shopping, food orders, Alarms, Calendars, Manage and designate shopping lists and to-do lists. Reminders, Meditation, Music and video stream and many more things they can perform by enabling several kinds of skills.

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What are the Amazon echo setup problems?

Alexa SetupWhen we talk about the bunch of issues and problems rise up while setting up Alexa Echo. Then, The most common problem is freezing up of Alexa’s ring light indication on white or blue light. This thing creates confusion in its user’s mind that either your Echo getting the exact signal of the internet networks or not. At that point, you should reset your Alexa Echo.

Users might face several kinds of issues while doing the Alexa setup. Here Are Some Common Issues users deal with after performing the Echo setup.

  • “Alexa making weird noises”
  • “Mic problems with Alexa”
  • “Alexa won’t connect to other devices”
  • “Trouble playing music on the proper speaker”
  • “Alexa won’t connect to my Bluetooth devices”
  • “Alexa disconnects from Wi-Fi”
  • “Can’t connect Turn off your modem and router.” Wait 10 seconds. Turn it back on

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Points To Check For Solving These Echo Issues

  1. Check If your Echo device is situated within the range of your wifi router and has an active Internet connection.
  2. Make sure that the Echo device is away from all things that cause an obstruction in signals. For example(other Electronic devices).
  3. After that, Properly check that you have entered the correct Wi-Fi password.
  4. If you have changed your Wifi password earlier, then update your Echo device’s Wifi network settings.
  5. If you have the multiple numbers of devices connected to your Wireless network. Then, try to remove some of them to reduce discontinuation
  6. Now, Connect your Echo device to the router having the bandwidth of 5 GHz.

There are many other kinds of troubleshooting methods associated with the Alexa device. But usage of these methods depends upon the situation and problem. So you can use these methods accordingly. These steps and methods play a major role and tell us about how we can actually set up our Echo devices without taking anyone’s help and assistance. If you want to know more about Alexa Setup. Then, I advise you to open Alexa App on your phone or computer and start exploring it and expand its capabilities with the help of skills store after installing several kinds of skills.