In this game, you’re a dragon who needs to collect as many eggs from other dragons without getting caught. The more eggs that your clan captures the higher up on the leaderboard you go. There’s also a PvP aspect where you can attack opponents and steal their egg stash or earn rewards for yourself if they fall down in defeat.

The “bluestacks” is a free and open source emulator that allows users to run Android apps on their PC. The emulator can be downloaded from the website and installed on Windows or MAC computers.

DragonVale For PC Windows and MAC

How To Install DragonVale App on Windows PC & MacBook

Use the most powerful and dependable Android emulator, such as NOX APK player or BlueStacks, to download DragonVale program for PC. DragonVale may be run on Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac PCs using any Android emulator.


  1. Emulators for Windows PC may be downloaded and installed from the official websites listed below.
  2. and are two of the best emulators available.
  3. Log in to the Android emulator using your Google account.
  4. The DragonVale app is available on the Google Play Store. So look for it and find it.
  5. Choose the option to install under the DragonVale logo and have fun!

DragonVale’s Frequently Asked Questions – Features and User Guide

Discover the world’s most popular dragon collecting game! Are you able to hatch them all? In DragonVale, you’ll find a dragon-filled fantasy park!

Over 500 fabled dragons to breed, hatch, and nurture. DragonVale is the game for you if you’re a dragon fanatic!


Grow and harvest Dragon Treats, then give them to your dragons to level them up. Nurture your gorgeous fantasy beasts as they grow from baby dragons to fabled dragons. Enter your dragons in thrilling races and send them on missions to earn spectacular treasures and Dragon Cash During unique seasonal events, discover new dragons, decorations, habitats, and activities Explore space by collecting rare Galaxy Dragons Collect and classify the dragons in your city. In the Dragonarium, keep track of all the dragons you’ve hatched and bred. Online, connect and share with your pals. In the Cooperative Breeding Cave, team up with your mates. In DragonVale, you may send gems and presents to your pals. Eggs of dragons! Stunning images and gleaming animations Each egg, baby, juvenile, adult, and elder dragon has its own impressive and distinct artwork. Our award-winning composer has created a unique soundtrack for DragonVale.

Dragons are thought to be ferocious, fire-breathing monsters, but DragonVale reveals that they are more than simply breeding animals. From tiny and cuddly to enormous, time-bending beasts, there’s something for everyone. DragonVale has everything. To construct your perfect park, build and decorate lovely floating islands in the sky. Your park, your Dragons, and your DragonVale are all yours!

Play DragonVale right now! It’s completely free. PLEASE READ THIS! Some in-game goods may be bought with real money. Please deactivate in-app purchases if you don’t want to utilize this function. To play DragonVale, you’ll need an online connection.

Backflip Studios, a proud partner of Hasbro, Inc. and creators of ridiculously entertaining mobile games, brings you DragonVale.

What’s New In DragonVale’s New Version?

Adult Valers are turning to stone due to an unexpected energy rising from the Surface! The most self-assured among the young people, Kai and Ellie, find new, magnificent dragons that can harness this energy and shift into other forms known as spellforms.

Will you track down the brave new dragons, explore the Surface, and undo the consequences of evil forces? In Secrets of Spellform, a DragonVale event, rise to the occasion!


The developer/inc owns the rights to this software. We are not an official DragonVale partner. Every aspect of DragonVale applications, such as graphics and trademarks, is the property of DragonVale’s individual owner.

We also don’t allow DragonVale applications to be downloaded from our server. The DragonVale app may be downloaded from the official website.

DragonVale is a game that was released on iOS and Android devices. The app has been recently released for PC Windows and MAC users. Reference: can you get dragonvale on pc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play DragonVale on my PC?

A: Unfortunately, the game is only available for mobile and iOS devices.

Will DragonVale world come back?

A: Unfortunately, there is no word on whether or not DragonVale will return.

How do you play war dragons on PC?

A: War Dragons is a PC game which can be played through Steam and the Windows Store. Its an online multiplayer card battler, with cards representing various dragons from Chinese mythology.

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