How To Setup Echo Dot?

When we talk about the Echo dot setup. We think about the Echo device and its most popular and largest selling Echo dot. In last we think about the procedure consists of steps that help us in setting up an Echo dot. The Process of Setting up an Echo dot is called an Echo dot setup. Basically Echo dot users can adopt any method from these two methods. The first method is downloading Alexa App for Echo dot setup on any of your smartphones and proceed to the Alexa dot setup by signing into it. Secondly, you may go to the and login into that using an Amazon Account and follow the steps to proceed with the setup process. But, first, you should get to know about the Echo dot. Then, you will surely be able to complete the Alexa Dot Setup Accurately.

Echo Dot SetupEcho Dot devices have three generations. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generations? The Echo Dot 2nd generation was introduced in Sep 2016. It comes with four buttons and one microphone. These four buttons are Volume Up (+), Volume Down (-), Action (.) and Mic ON/Off. The 3rd generation Echo Dot has the same four buttons. Third Generation Echo dot makes it easiest for you to perform an Echo dot setup. The 2nd generation has one microphone in the center of four buttons but 3rd generation Echo Dot has four microphones that can catch the voice command from any corner of the room. All of these Echo devices have light rings on their top side.

The light ring indicates what’s going on in your Echo dot while setting it up, giving commands to the Echo. All Echo dot devices look like an Ice Hockey Puck which is round and flat at top and bottom. The 2nd generation Echo Dot is a little bit taller than the 3rd generation. The 3rd generation Echo dot was introduced by Amazon in Oct 2018. Second generation Echo dot devices require manual Alexa Dot Setup. The 2nd generation Echo Dot comes with plastic material and 3rd generation Echo Dot comes with fabric texture which makes it very rich in appearance, this is the main difference where you can identify the 2nd and 3rd generation Echo Dot. The quality of the speaker of the 3rd generation Echo Dot is very superior to 2nd generation.

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How To Setup Alexa Dot?

Now, you know about the difference between all three models of an Echo dot device. That is why it is best for us to move forward and learn about the various steps in sequence so that we could perform an Alexa dot setup and setup our Echo dot.

  1. First of all, look at the rear side of the Echo Dot device, you will find out one Audio Jack for connecting external speakers through Auxiliary cable and Power Port.
  2. Connect the Echo Dot to the source of electricity via an AC adapter. When you connect the Echo Dot to the power source, a Blue and Greenlight will start glowing on the ring for 2 to 3 seconds.
  3. Then an Orange light will start rotating on the ring for 30 to 35 seconds.
  4. After that Echo Dot will say “HELLO, Download the Alexa App for Echo dot setup and Follow the instructions”. When it says this, it means our device ready for the Echo dot setup process. If the Dot is already connected to other users and you want to connect it to your phone or computer. If the Orange light is not rotating on the ring after connecting it to the power source then press the Action Button having the symbol of Dot (.) for 25 to 30 seconds and release the button when your device says that it is in set-up mode now.
  5. Go to the App Store and look for Alexa App for Echo dot setup, Download Alexa App and install it. Sign in with your Amazon Alexa Account. If you don’t have that then go to and create an account.
  6. Open the app, the will be an option of plus + in the main menu. Click on that and follow the steps like it will ask for ECHO SHOW, ECHO SPOT, ECHO DOT, etc, just select your device.
  7. Now the App will search for the device. The name of Echo Dot will appear on the phone in the wifi settings select it and connect with it. It may ask for Bluetooth. Switch On the Bluetooth.
  8. A Wi-Fi search will be begun, connect the Echo Dot to WiFi which will provide the internet to it.
  9. When the Echo Dot is connected to the Wi-Fi, a tone will come up and rotating Orange light will go off and Blue light will emit for 1 second.
  10. Select the speaker you want; there will be the option of an Inbuilt or External speaker.
  11. There will be a short video that you can escape too. But we suggest you to have a look at that full video.

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If you want to Setup Alexa dot with the help of the computer device, then The steps from 1 to 4 and 8 to 11 will remain the same. You can learn about other steps below:-

  • Alexa Dot SetupGo to Sign in to your Alexa Amazon account, If you don’t have that, then create one.
  • When you sign in, you will see a menu filled with options on the left side of your computer screen, click on that, a pan will open up. An option of SETTINGS will appear, click on that option.
  • There will be a list of Amazon Echo devices, select your device, a search will begin and the name of your Echo Dot will appear on the screen, select the device.
  • A prompt will ask you to give your preferred language and a few other things.
  • Simply connect the Echo dot to your computer by choosing its name’s network in your computer’s wifi settings.
  • You will be told to Connect Echo dot to wifi network by filling down your wireless network’s password to complete the Echo dot setup.
  • Now, test your Echo by asking “Alexa, How is the weather”. It will answer you which means your device is working properly. If it is not doing the same then check the Mic Button. If it is still not responding, then do the set-up again and follow the instructions carefully. You can also change the language of your device in the Settings.

Note:- When you need to ask anything to the Echo, just call it “Alexa” first. A blue light will appear on the ring. Now, you can say or ask anything to it.

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Methods To Connect Alexa Dot To Wifi

If you want to learn about how to connect Echo dot to WiFi. Then, you can learn it very easily. There are simply two ways to Connect Alexa dot to the Wifi network. First, via smartphone. Second, via computer. Look at both methods below.

Method 1: For Android Users

  • After selecting your Echo model and language etc.
  • Press down the “Continue” button after getting an orange light indication.
  • Quickly rush up to the wifi network settings of your android smartphone after swiping down from the top of your phone.
  • A network with the name “Amazon WRY” or anything like that will show up before you. Connect with it after tapping on its name.
  • Now, connect Echo dot to wifi by selecting your network/router’s name and typing down its password.

Method 2: For Computer Users.

  • After getting Orange light and setup mode indication.
  • Go to your computer’s network settings.
  • You will get an “Amazon RTE” or corresponding network there in the list of active wireless networks around you.
  • Connect with it by clicking on its name.
  • In the last, Type down your router’s security key/password for connecting your Echo dot to wifi via your computer.

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How To Turn on Echo dot?

For turning on your Echo dot you must look for the open area in the center of your place. Locate or spot your Echo Dot device in that central area where it receives no problems in receiving signals from your router/wifi network. We recommend you locate it at least 9-10 inches away from the wall and interfering objects. Now, Take out the AC adaptor of your Echo dot and plug it into the electric power switch and connect its other end with the power port of your Echo dot. Now, the light ring on Echo Dot will start to indicate the blue color and orange color after a few seconds. Alexa welcomes you via its voice when your Echo dot starts to show you the orange light indication.

Echo Dot SetupReasons behind echo dot not connecting to Wifi?

If your Echo dot won’t connect to wifi. Then, there might be several kinds of reasons behind it. In 60-80 percent of cases, it happens because of network interferences, connectivity issues, and network signals issues. So, when your Echo dot is not connecting to wifi. Check out for the things written below. These things will help you in fixing this problem.

  • Start Your Wi-Fi router and modem again by restarting both of them.
  • Reset or restore your Echo dot device to the factory settings.
  • Launch your Echo dot again after turning it off.
  • Look and remove all objects that block the internet signals from reaching towards your Echo dot
  • Make sure that your Wi-Fi network is working and it’s active.
  • Confirm that the Wi-Fi secret code you have entered for your Wi-Fi network is right and correct.

How To Factory Reset Echo dot device?

Restoring an Echo dot to the defaults or factory settings is very easy. You can do that by pressing down the volume down and Microphone off button together and holding them for about 15-20 seconds. When you do that, you will see an orange ring light indication on your Echo dot speakers or devices. After showing you the orange light the ring light of your Echo dot will turn off. You can restart your Echo dot after a minute. Hence, your Echo dot is restored to the factory defaults.